Over the years, BNK Chem-Dry® has earned an exceptional reputation for carpet cleaning in Carlsbad. There’s a lot that went into building that reputation, from our range of specialty services to our uncompromising commitment to customer service. But more than anything else, we’ve built our reputation on a unique cleaning process.

Unlike many other carpet cleaners in the San Diego area, we don’t rely on steam cleaning for carpets. Instead, we use an exclusive cleaning process called Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE).

BNK Chem-Dry is the only carpet cleaning company in Carlsbad to offer HCE cleaning. And as you’ll see below, this unique cleaning process makes a world of difference for homeowners.

The Secret to Better Carpet Cleaning in Carlsbad

To understand why so many homeowners in Carlsbad choose carpet cleaning services from BNK Chem-Dry, you need to understand the HCE process.

Our cleaning process starts by applying a special cleaning solution to your carpets. Unlike most carpet detergents, this solution—called The Natural®—contains zero petrochemical products. Instead, it uses the all-natural cleaning power of carbonation.

Here’s how it works. As the cleaning solution soaks into the carpet, millions of microscopic bubbles get released into the carpet fibers. These bubbles attach themselves to particles of dirt, dust, and oil. Then, the bubbles start to pop. Each time a bubble bursts, it loosens contaminants, releasing even deep-seated particles from carpet fibers.

After that, we use our PowerHead® cleaning system to extract the contaminants from your carpet. This system pulls the contaminants up to the carpet surface and then whisks them away.

The results not only look great, they also extend the lifespan of carpets. And when you compare the results to steam cleaning, the benefits of our HCE process become even more obvious.

How HCE Cleaning From BNK Chem-Dry Compares to Steam Cleaning

In Carlsbad, the most popular alternative to our HCE process is steam cleaning.

For a long time, steam cleaning was the gold standard for carpet cleaning companies. But when you compare our HCE process and steam cleaning to one another, it’s clear why so many local homeowners choose BNK Chem-Dry:

  • Steam cleaning requires roughly 500% more water than the HCE process.
  • With steam cleaning, carpets dry in 1-2 days. With the HCE process, they dry in 1-2 hours!
  • Due to longer dry times, steam cleaning increases the risk of mold or mildew infestations.
  • Soapy detergents used in steam cleaning leave residues that attract new dust and dirt.

Ready to discover the difference made by our HCE cleaning process? BNK Chem-Dry offers carpet cleaning services throughout Carlsbad and the North County area, including Oceanside, San Marcos, Encinitas, and San Clemente.

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