BNK Chem-Dry is Carlsbad’s answer to affordable carpet cleaning services. We bring state-of-the-art cleaning systems time-tested by our global brand to Carlsbad homes. With these innovative products and powerfully effective technology, we’ve perfected the art of rigorous home cleaning.

At BNK Chem-Dry, our mission is to help people live healthier, greener lives. Our products and methods are non-toxic and kid-friendly, unlike many traditional cleaners. We’re proud to provide affordable carpet cleaning services to homeowners in North County, Oceanside, Encinitas, San Marcos, and San Clemente.

worker performing affordable carpet cleaning in CarlsbadWith BNK Chem-Dry, Carlsbad homeowners get the advantage of highly advanced, affordable carpet cleaning technology. We use cutting-edge, deep-cleaning systems and proven techniques to get results every time. This means a BNK Chem-Dry cleaning is:

  • Drier. With our Hot Carbonation Extraction (HCE) cleaning, our technicians can use 80% less water than traditional steam cleaning services, while still achieving a vigorous, high-powered clean. Carpets dry within a few hours of cleaning, meaning less chance of water seepage to the flooring beneath your carpet, and less risk of mold or mildew.
  • Cleaner. Our mineral-based, carbonated cleaners pull grime and dust particles out of your carpet fibers. Meanwhile, our PowerHead® cleaning system uses an agitating head for a consistent, intensive clean. Our cleaners don’t leave the sticky, soapy residue that can cause your carpet to quickly re-soil—so our cleanings leave longer-lasting results.
  • Healthier. Our cleanings get top marks in removing common household allergens. We always prioritize natural ingredients and green cleaning. In Carlsbad, our affordable carpet cleanings are also a healthier, family-friendly clean.

Carlsbad’s Affordable Carpet Cleaning Specialists

At BNK Chem-Dry, our priority is always to provide a deep clean while extending the life of your carpet. In Carlsbad, we also offer affordable carpet cleanings for yachts, cars, motorhomes, and airplanes. Across all of our services, our cleanings are gentle but restorative, revitalizing the look of your carpet while removing allergens and dirt. We even provide specialty services, such as Oriental rug cleaning and pet odor removal, for the specialized cleaning needs of your home. It’s easy to have clean carpets with BNK Chem-Dry.

Let’s get your carpets looking like new. To learn more about our affordable carpet cleaning services, Carlsbad homeowners can contact our BNK Chem-Dry office today at (949) 463-8585.

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