BNK Chem-Dry® is proud to use green, non-toxic products and practices at every stage of your home’s cleaning. Our flagship cleaner, The Natural®, isn’t just powerfully effective in cleaning and revitalizing your carpet. It also uses 80% less water than traditional steam cleaners and none of the harmful, soapy chemicals that they rely on. It’s even FDA-approved as a safe product. And that’s just the start. With our family-friendly, environment-friendly services, we’re your green solution for natural carpet cleaning in Carlsbad.

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Our Natural Carpet Cleaning Practices in Carlsbad

At BNK Chem-Dry, we set ourselves apart in every way to deliver high-impact, environmentally safe natural carpet cleaning to homes in Carlsbad:

  • Green products. With rigorous standards to ensure minimal impact on the environment, pets, and families, our Chem-Dry Certified program includes robust products like odor removers, rinses, stain and spot removers, foam cleaners, and our potent The Natural cleaner.
  • Green practices. Our carpet cleaning services require very little water waste and none of the harmful, chemically strong products that other cleaners use. Plus, over 44 of our solutions are green-certified. All of that means less residue, low toxicity, and a greener home for your family.
  • Our community is our priority. We’re invested in a greener community. For families in San Clemente, Oceanside, Encinitas, North County, San Marcos, and Carlsbad who use our natural carpet cleaning services, we have a paperless newsletter to help you live a more healthful, greener life.

Carlsbad’s Choice for Natural Carpet Cleaning

When it comes to natural carpet cleaning for Carlsbad area homes, our watchwords are health, safety, and non-toxicity. We pride ourselves on high-impact products that are safe for your families, pets, and the environment:
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  • Safe to touch. Your children’s safety is an ultimate priority, which is why we simply refuse to use products that are poisonous or hazardous to ingest, or damaging to touch.
  • Low inhalation risks. We purposely use products and practices that won’t release dangerous pollutants into the air. In fact, our products will actively remove allergens and other hazards.
  • No carcinogens. Unlike many other cleaning companies, we won’t use products that release carcinogens into the air (which can increase the risk of cancer) or have high levels of Volatile Organic Compounds.
  • Material safety. The materials we use must always be non-corrosive, safe for families, and safe for our professionals. We also always use products that have a pH between 4 and 10.
  • Water safety. In California, water protection is a necessity. We don’t just have minimal water waste. We also use products that biodegrade easily, so they won’t leak into our precious water supply.

A BNK Chem-Dry cleaning is a high-impact, low-toxicity clean. To learn about our natural carpet cleaning services in Carlsbad, call (949) 463-8585 today.
Download our Green Certified Certificate.