Why is it important to clean your furniture regularly? Every home attracts dirt, germs, and bacteria. It’s just natural. Families with kids, pets, or regular foot traffic are more likely to attract higher percentages of grime, dust, and allergens. These particles bury their way into your carpet fibers and upholstery fabric and can be tough to get out. It’s not enough to vacuum every once in a while. Germs and dirt can pose a serious threat to our most vulnerable loved ones. With BNK Chem-Dry®, Carlsbad area families can get regular furniture cleanings to keep your home and children safe.

Why Choose BNK Chem-Dry?

chair after furniture cleaning in Carlsbad

With BNK Chem-Dry, you’ll get a cleaning experience that’s different from traditional furniture cleaning services in Carlsbad. Behind each clean is our robust cleaning product, The Natural®, which uses minerals with heated carbonated bubbles. This pairs with our vigorous PowerHead® technology. The Natural lifts dirt particles and germs out of your carpet and furniture fibers, while our PowerHead system yanks it out of your home. If you’ve ever used club soda on stains, our products work similarly—with more powerful results. Independent studies show that our combined products can remove 98% of allergens from your upholstery and carpets.

Because we don’t pump water into your furniture or carpets like other cleaners, we use one-fifth of the water. Not only is it less wasteful, but it also means your carpets, furniture, sofa, and other upholstery dry faster, with less risk of mildew, mold, or rot. These products are proprietary to BNK Chem-Dry, which means no other furniture cleaning service in Carlsbad can provide the same experience.

Safer Furniture Cleaning Services for Carlsbad Area Families

Most of us wouldn’t pour toxic chemicals into our drinking water, our parks, or our schools. So why allow dangerous cleaning solutions into your home? With BNK Chem-Dry, you can choose safer, greener cleaning practices to protect your family. We simply refuse to use products that could cause harm to your family. That means no products that release carcinogens or similar dangerous particles into your home’s air. Our products are not hazardous to touch or breathe, which is safe for our cleaning technicians as well as your children and pets. For families in San Clemente, North County, Encinitas, Oceanside, San Marcos, or Carlsbad, BNK Chem-Dry is a safer furniture cleaning service for you.

Get results you can rely on with BNK Chem-Dry. Contact us today at (949) 463-8585 to get a furniture cleaning estimate in Carlsbad.